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The warm aroma of the Cinnamon Sea... The vast emptiness that is the void...


JULY 1ST - 31ST 2024

The Jist:

Participants are split into two teams. Players "attack" people of the opposing team by making art of Cinnas you choose belonging to members of the other team. You are free to use almost any style. Your team receives points based on what you create for the other team with each attack.

The artist that receives the attack can then counter that attack by drawing a Cinna belonging to the person who attacked them, or pay it forward by attacking a different person on the other team.

At the end of the month, the team with the greater score wins.

But remember, while there are point scores, the real goal is to celebrate characters with your fellow artists.
Art Fight is about giving and receiving amazing art. 


  • ⭐You are fighting for either the side of Seafoam (Cinnamon Seafoam) or Stardust (Void Dust), much like Art Fight 2024! Participation of the actual Art Fight is not mandatory but preferred. Pick your team here and/or indicate it somewhere on your profile.
  • ⭐ You must draw gift art of someone else's Cinna, preferably on the team you are against but friendly fire is allowed.
  • ⭐ Any finish, any medium, any size is allowed as long as you created it.
  • ⭐ Pieces will be valued by the official Art Fight's point system.
  • 🌟 You can only draw a Cinna once for it to count, and any repeat drawings will not count towards Cinnart Fight (they are still valid for Official Art Fight, though). You cannot draw the same Cinna again and have it count for points. This is to prevent exploiting simple designs to rack up points for rewards. We encourage you to draw a variety of people's Cinnas!
  • ⭐ Your entries will be counted at the end of the event and you will be given an appropriate amount of prizes for your effort. The winning team will get a bonus reward.
  • 🌟 Rewards for this event are a secret and will be revealed at the end via an update. This year, however, we will treat it more like Chaosmay in terms of reward scaling and prizes.


  • Unfortunately, we do not have the means to autobalance teams. We do encourage you to keep the teams balanced when possible.
  • Switching teams in the middle of the event is not allowed. If we catch you doing this without switching back (in case of an accident), you will not be able to participate from the next Cinnaverse event. You may join whenever in the event, however.
  • If you have any questions, head to ⁠ask the staff!





Requirements upon uploading:

  • Mark the art with the depicted Cinna(s) and who it is for in the Characters and Other Participants sections respectfully.
  • If participating in Art Fight, link the upload to Art Fight in the description box alongside the calculated point total for the piece according to Art Fight AND the team you, the artist, are on.
  • For people not participating in the official Art Fight this year, you may show a screenshot of the calculated point total rather than the link to the upload. You may have a another member of the server assist you if you happen to not have an AF account.

Description Example:

[link to Art Fight upload OR pasted screenshot of the point calculation]
Total Points: 75
Artist Team: Cinnamon Seafoam

Appoint yourself to a team, draw a Cinna from the other team, get points to win and get rewards!

The current event currency is Points, and the current global total is 4044 Points !

Cinnamon Seafoam

Members: 32 ・ Score: 1170

Void Stardust

Members: 40 ・ Score: 2874