Terms of Service

Created: 8 October 2022, 21:04:54 MST
Last updated: 27 May 2024, 11:17:24 MST

These non-intrusive terms encourage healthy communication, efficient tracking, safe transfers, and an easier load on our trusty admins.
Thanks in advance for giving them a read!

Please make sure to give these easy guidelines a once-over before obtaining your Cinna by any means, re-homing it, joining the discord, or posting to the group on deviantArt. Violating multiple guidelines or a more serious one may get you removed from a respective hub, or possibly put on a blacklist. You may be given one to two warnings for behavior deemed inappropriate before anything drastic.
Being blacklisted does not mean you are not allowed to own, sell, or trade Cinnas. It means you will not be able to commune with others in the group, buy directly from official designers, participate in prompts and activities, and the public will be encouraged to be wary of you, depending on your actions. You may privately appeal this decision, but no promises will be made to ensure your future re-entry.
While blacklisted user can own, sell, and trade Cinnas, a non-blacklisted user selling Cinnas to blacklisted users gains them an automatic watchlist position. 
Harassment, scamming, and any other intentionally malicious actions will result in an instant ban. Blacklisted users automatically have their cinnas voided from the species. They can still obtain cinnas but they will be voided in doing so. Directly buying from the species owner or guest artists though is not permitted.
Explicit content is not allowed on the website.
Being blacklisted means you will be blocked from the group and Discord [if applicable]. You may not participate in group activities and people are advised not to do business with you.
Banned members' Cinnas become voided and will be listed under the masterlist as voided. Once voided, the Cinna title is taken from the design and it is no longer able to be registered in the group.
You may still sell/trade/gift this design. If this design falls under new ownership [with proof], it may be reinstated through the Voidal or via a Void Cola.


Using MYO Slots

MYO slots, once purchased, may be traded, gifted, and resold for the value of their purchase price. You may gift/sell/trade your unused slot before the two-week cooldown. Slots may be used ONCE. Once designed, you may not redesign it without approval.

Obtaining an Official Design

You can obtain a Masterlist-registered design ["Official"] through virtually any means [sale, trade, gift, voucher, etc].
Kenna (darkvvision) has their own TOS you must read before paying for their services. Please make sure you aren’t missing an official guest artists’ terms when commissioning them. Any Official artist’s terms do not override the selling, trading, & gifting designs rule. This is agreed to upon application acceptance.


Selling, Trading, & Gifting Designs

Despite how you came into ownership of your design, you may assign value to it how you see fit. You have no restrictions on how you re-home your design. There is a mandatory Two Week Cooldown for re-homing Cinnas to reduce Masterlist work and discourage trade fodder. You may not make MYOs with the the intention of selling for profit. Serious consequences are at hand if we determine this to be the case.
​Co-Ownerships will not be officially recognized on the Masterlist.
​We do not monitor or restrict how people sell and trade their designs, we only ask that you please keep in mind the Two Week Cooldown for character transfers - you must not transfer your character under two weeks once received, and you must update ownership through the website.
We do not allow selling/trading of unofficial Cinna designs. All Cinna designs must be approved and out of the cooldown in order to be properly traded and sold. Gifting away unofficial Cinna designs are allowed.

​Becoming a Guest Artist

Positions open from time to time in our Discord and deviantART group, keep an eye out! You may make and sell adopts with the names and traits used within the Cinnaverse. Guest artists keep 100% of their profit as a volunteer artist for the species and may be switched out at our discretion.

​Voiding and Un-voiding

Cinnas may be voided upon request of an admin and done through the prompts on site. This is done when there are plans to redesign your Cinna as a non-closed species character permanently, you are uncomfortable with the species association, or any other reason. Voided Cinnas may not be used in any official group activities or prompts. We do not recommend voiding your designs, as you’re allowed to have non-canon forms of your Cinna. It will still be listed on the official Masterlist, however.

​If you own a voided Cinna, submit it to this prompt to unvoid it. There is a cooldown of two weeks before you can unvoid once voided.Once un-voided, you must wait 30 days before the Cinna is eligible to be voided again.

​We will only unvoid the design that was voided at the time, and not any updated version.


You cannot:

  • produce merch that is intended to deceive or pass as official Cinnaverse products.
  • use a character design for commercial purposes that are not specifically allowed by this terms of service.
  • use the word "Cinna" or any associated names on official branding/titles.

You can:

  • make fan merch of Cinnas as long as you ask for darkvvision's permission and they permit it.
    • If permitted, a credit and a link back to the Cinnaverse website is necessary.
    • IP-based designs are likely not permitted by darkvvision.
  • if your Cinna has a ONE-OFF form, then you may use that commercially (with explicit permission from the original designer if not yourself) as it is not within our jurisdiction.

Be Cool

Everyone is here to enjoy the world of Cinnas free of harassment and bullying. Any questionable behavior is subject to action by admins depending on the platform. Scamming and art theft will not be tolerated. We encourage users to solve personal matters privately with respect and an open mind, as we exercise in the server. We know not everyone will get along, but we hope you will exhibit and spread good citizenship.

Subject to change at any time.