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🎆 July Newsletter ☀️

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July is in full swing here in the Cinnaverse! Let us show you we've been working on this month.


⛱️ Banner 🐚

This month's banner was done by the lovely ophelisae , Almondlover , and Chocolate_cake ! Be sure to show them some love!

We'll start the raffle shortly for next month's banner artists! 


☀️ Prompts + COTM 🍉

All prompts have been updated for July! Click here to check them out!

This month's themed winners are... happy-meal and starspits!

Remember, you can draw these Cinnas instead of an NPC for certain prompts!

The theme for July is Night Sky Fireworks! Submit your designs to this gallery for your chance to be chosen next month!


🌀 Tail Contest Results ⚔️

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the tail contest last month! It's always fun to see how creative our community is, and how passionate we all are about Cinnas. <3 Due to the number of entries this year, we have modified the way we planned to resolve the contest! (If you noticed we didn't do a public vote on the 1st... clown emoji. Apologies!)

Everyone who participated in the contest will receive a Rarity Rune Bundle! Those will hit your account after the posting of this announcement.

And now... we have 5 winners! Drumroll please... 🥁🥁🥁

1. Capsule Tail by Lvsu will be a Legendary Tail Modifier!

2. Belt Tail by GatorBites + fluffbeak will be a Rare Tail !

3. Trefoil Tail by furbyrott will be a Rare Tail !

4. Floral Tail Tip by happy-meal will be implemented as an expansion of Paradise Tail!

5. Stack Tail by Rocandrol is now a valid way to design double (or triple) tails! They will still need to be approved case-by-case, of course.

[Tails Contest] Belt Tail!

A HUGE congrats to our winners! You will each get a Golden Mead!

To check out everyone's awesome entries from this month, go here!


🌊 Artfight 2024 🌠

The game is on! Art Fight is in full swing this month, and as such, so is our Cinnart Fight! For all the details on how to participate, check the previous Announcement on the Lorekeeper or the respective Discord channels.

Information and choosing your teams can be found here!


🍭 Cinnapet Gacha 7/15

Surprise! There's going to be a sweet little treat for us all in the form of a Cinnapet gacha on July 15th! Be on the lookout in the next few days for the follow up announcement.


📢 Discord Updates 👾

The #rules channel has been updated! Rules have been re-written for both brevity and clarity. Please re-read them!

We now have a ping role to notify you when the trading center is purged! Go to #role-select if you would like to be notified a day before channel purges AND when they have been purged.

Additionally, we as a team have decided to remove the #helpful-advice channel. We've had concerns about venting and sensitive content in that channel, making it hard to moderate. We know The Cinnaverse is a lot of people's safe space, but we feel this isn't the place for things of that nature. We hope you all understand.


💻 Masterlist Updates 🔈

Just like every month, Mac and Hal have been hard at work implementing positive changes to the Lorekeeper! Here's what we've got for you this month:

- IP / Character Import Indicator - A lightbulb will now appear by a Cinna's name on the masterlist to more quickly show you they are inspired by an IP or are a Cinna form of a character. If you need this indicator, please submit to this prompt!

- With the same feature, we will now mark if a Cinna has non-Cinna alternate forms on the masterlist for ease of communication and tracking when trading + selling! It will be disclosed through the light bulb symbol by the Cinna's name and in the description of the Cinna. If a Cinna you own has a form that is not a Cinna, please submit them to this prompt! (This also applies if you turn a Cinna into another species, non-species, etc.)

- Trait Subcategories - We felt this was a less clunky way to display our traits after the mass update to Unusual Body we did last month! Nothing to change on your part. Take a look below!


🌌 Trait Clarifications 🌲

Alongside this month's masterlist updates, we wanted to clarify a few traits that we feel have been misinterpreted. This is no one's individual fault! We're just tying up some loose ends. <3< /p>

- Tree Tail has been a retired tail type for quite some time now. However, Kenna has clarified that the tail should have been dissolved entirely years ago, as it can be 1:1 replicated with Bun Tail. This change will now be reflected on the ML. (To be clear - this is NOT the Conifer Tail! That's not going anywhere, heheh.)

- As we expand our tail traits, we have decided to make Tail Tip its own trait category! This is for the sake of organization and rare tail tips do not need an additional rune for rare fusions.

- In the same vein, Tail Modifiers are now a subcategory, also for the sake of organization.

Wild Face is getting a little expansion! Spiderbite is being renamed to Buggybite and can also be applied to things like grubs, caterpillars, etc.

- Alongside, HamHam will be dissolved and merged into Rodent, and any existing Cinnas with hamster faces will be given the Rodent Wild Face trait.

- UB: Void is applicable when a Cinna has parts of the body that is meant to be a literal window into "the void" or space. This is typically depicted with a very dark color and can have stars, planets, etc. visible. The implication here is if you reached your hand into the Cinna, it would go through them and into space, like a portal. We feel that a good handful of Cinnas that have been previously approved with UB: Void do not meet these criteria! As such, the ML team will be re-traiting some Cinnas with UB: Void to ensure they visually follow the terms of the trait. (Additionally, if we previously told you you needed a Rarity Rune to approve a Cinna, and you find we have now removed that trait, please feel free to submit to this prompt with proof to receive compensation for our mistake.)

We are still are going through the masterlist to make sure all Cinnas are up to date with our recent changes!


That's it for this month! Keep cranking out all these lovely Cinnart Fight pieces and enjoy your summer!


🏝️ TL;DR 👙

  • Banner by ophelisae , Almondlover , and Chocolate_cake 
  • New prompts
  • Theme of the Month winners: happy-meal and starspits
  • Tail Contest Winners: Lvsu GatorBites fluffbeak furbyrott happy-meal Rocandrol
  • Cinna Art Fight Reminder
  • Pet Gacha on 7/15
  • Discord changes: purge ping, no more #helpful-advice
  • Masterlist changes: IP and non-cinna form denotation, subcategories
  • Dissolved into a different trait: Tree Tail (traited as Bun Tail) and HamHam (traited as Rodent)
  • New Tail Tip Category
  • Spiderbite renamed into Buggybite, includes all bug faces
  • Void UB clarification

🌊 Cinnart Fight 2024 🌌

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Hey Cinnanation!

It seems like a strange phenomenon has swept over all of the species this July...


In other words...

Cinnart Fight 2024 HAS BEGUN!

This event is meant to work alongside the official Art Fight if you decide to participate in it, but it's not mandatory! We wanted to give you guys something while Art Fight is on a good amount of people's minds.

Hope you guys enjoy, and happy battling!


The warm aroma of the Cinnamon Sea... The vast emptiness that is the void...


JULY 1ST - 31ST 2024

The Jist:

Participants are split into two teams. Players "attack" people of the opposing team by making art of Cinnas you choose belonging to members of the other team. You are free to use almost any style. Your team receives points based on what you create for the other team with each attack.

The artist that receives the attack can then counter that attack by drawing a Cinna belonging to the person who attacked them, or pay it forward by attacking a different person on the other team.

At the end of the month, the team with the greater score wins.

But remember, while there are point scores, the real goal is to celebrate characters with your fellow artists.
Art Fight is about giving and receiving amazing art. 


  • ⭐You are fighting for either the side of Seafoam (Cinnamon Seafoam) or Stardust (Void Stardust), much like Art Fight 2024! Participation of the actual Art Fight is not mandatory but preferred. Pick your team here and/or indicate it somewhere on your profile.
  • ⭐ You must draw gift art of someone else's Cinna, preferably on the team you are against but friendly fire is allowed.
  • ⭐ Any finish, any medium, any size is allowed as long as you created it.
  • ⭐ Pieces will be valued by the official Art Fight's point system.
  • 🌟 You can only draw a Cinna once for it to count, and any repeat drawings will not count towards Cinnart Fight (they are still valid for Official Art Fight, though). You cannot draw the same Cinna again and have it count for points. This is to prevent exploiting simple designs to rack up points for rewards. We encourage you to draw a variety of people's Cinnas!
  • ⭐ Your entries will be counted at the end of the event and you will be given an appropriate amount of prizes for your effort. The winning team will get a bonus reward.
  • 🌟 Rewards for this event are a secret and will be revealed at the end via an update. This year, however, we will treat it more like Chaosmay in terms of reward scaling and prizes.


  • Unfortunately, we do not have the means to autobalance teams. We do encourage you to keep the teams balanced when possible.
  • Switching teams in the middle of the event is not allowed. If we catch you doing this without switching back (in case of an accident), you will not be able to participate from the next Cinnaverse event. You may join whenever in the event, however.
  • If you have any questions, head to ⁠ask the staff!





Requirements upon uploading:

  • Mark the art with the depicted Cinna(s) and who it is for in the Characters and Other Participants sections respectfully.
  • If participating in Art Fight, link the upload to Art Fight in the description box alongside the calculated point total for the piece according to Art Fight AND the team you, the artist, are on.
  • For people not participating in the official Art Fight this year, you may show a screenshot of the calculated point total rather than the link to the upload. You may have a another member of the server assist you if you happen to not have an AF account.

Description Example:

[link to Art Fight upload OR pasted screenshot of the point calculation]
Total Points: 75
Artist Team: Cinnamon Seafoam

Appoint yourself to a team, draw a Cinna from the other team, get points to win and get rewards!


☀️ June Newsletter ☀️

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🏳️‍🌈 BANNER 🏳️‍🌈

This month's banner was a wonderful collab done by deathgrippin MidnightSky fruitofthestars ! Happy pride everyone!

We'll start the raffle shortly for next month's banner artists! 


So long, cinnabunnies!

It seems as though the Cinnabunnies have hopped out with the changing times... Let's look forward to seeing them next year!

(Cinnabunny MYOs are no longer available in shop, nor can they be awarded via the monthly prompts. Any custom orders placed before the posting of this announcement are still valid!)



Three lovely designs have won last month's Theme of the Month! Congratulations fluffbeak , gothicrift , and Almondlover ! All of these Cinnas have been made official and should be on your accounts. <3

Don't forget, you can choose to draw these Cinnas instead of an NPC for June's Rarity Prompt as well!

This month's theme is "Spirit of Adventure"! Design a Cinna that you feel fits that prompt and submit it to the gallery HERE!



The MYO and rarity prompts have been updated for June! We can't wait to see what you create this month!



The new set of Guest Artists and Pound Guest Artists has been selected!

Welcome to the GA team fluffbeak , biologyny , and ophelisae !
And welcome to the PGA team kavvee , Parrotina , and Miikage !

Applications for GA are OPEN, and there's a brand new Google form for you to fill out!

Just like in April, the previous GA sign-up list is being wiped / retired. Quite a few users who applied with our initial form are no longer active in the community for a variety of reasons, and as such choosing GAs has been a bit difficult lately.

Fill out the shiny new form above (even if you've applied in the past) for your chance to become a future Cinnaverse Guest Artist!



Coffeebara has made a wonderful change of scenery to our Toyhouse World! Check it out!

The world exists as a landing page, and as such does not hold its own events, prompts, etc. It is simply there for if you use and would like to further "officially recognize" your Cinnas. <3


Chaosmay rewardS

What an incredible turnout this month! We're so happy that a community has come together to create tons of quality artwork.

We are delighted to report that you all created over 300 Chaosmay submissions for this event!

Congratulations on reaching the highest reward tier available! We hope you enjoy the spoils of your labors.

Submit to this prompt with your submission(s) to claim your rewards!

In addition to your boons, Kenna has for us a brand new reference sheet for adult Chaosmites, also known as Chaosi:


Buck Summer GACHA 6/14/24

Admin Coffeebara will be holding a gacha this Friday, June 14th! These designs will be on small canvases (Nuggets), with rolls at $45 a piece. Buck aims for 40 designs in total, but if there are changes, he'll let you know in #artist-updates.

The theme for the batch is "Summer Fun"! Expect Cinnas of all species and flavors!



The posting of today's announcement marks the start of the Summer of Tails Contest!

Your task will be to design a NEW Cinna tail! Its shape should be unique from our current set of tails (which may require you to get creative - the world is our oyster with tail fusions!), and it should be given a neat / clear reference.  Submit your pieces to THIS gallery!

At the end of the contest, six tails will be chosen to enter a community vote on which ones should be real. After the votes have commenced, the top three tails will be implemented into the species!

Everyone chosen will receive a Rarity Rune Bundle, and the winners will each recieve a Golden Mead!

The contest will be from June 10th to July 1st. Winners will be revealed on July 10th in our monthly update!

Have fun designing!


TRAIT Changes + additions

And finally... the beef of our update! There are quite a few changes to our trait list!

Since the changelog / written description of all the changes can be quite overwhelming to look at, Coffeebara has made a visual:

UB Category Changes:
  • New UB categories: Anatomical, Elemental, Supernatural, and Artificial. 
    • Anatomical took in traits from Material, which was dissolved
    • Elemental is mostly the same, but with some expanded traits
    • Ethereal is renamed to Supernatural and has some new traits
    • Synthetic is renamed to Artificial and expanded upon considerably
  • Wild faces are now their own trait category separate from UB: Anatomical [not on visual]
Dissolving + Combining:
  • Jaws, Slashers, Xeno, and Compound Eyes have been dissolved -  all are free to use & untraited (aka will not be listed on the ML)
  • Cropped Ears dissolved and relabeled as Point Ears
    • Can still be made with Point Ears trait [Also applies to Bunny variations]
  • Puppy Ears dissolved and relabeled as Flop Ears
    • ANY ear that bends, folds, etc. is covered by Flop Ears trait [Also applies to Bunny variations]
  • Cropped Tail now falls under Injured Tail, thus making it common.
    • Fusing a Cinna's tail with Injured means the tail is either notably sliced / severed / shorter, or has taken on another broken visual (i.e. broken eggshell, broken heart)
  • All UBs under the Arthro category are combined into one trait - Anatomical (Buggy)
  • Monstrous (Zilla) now falls under Anatomical (Scaly)
  • Anatomical (Dach) & Anatomical (Skyscraper) are combined into Anatomical (Stretched)
    • Anatomical (Stretched) now allows for stretched arms & legs!
  • Monstrous (All Ears) & Anatomical (Caterpillar) now both fall under Anatomical (Extra Limbs)
  • Elemental (Fluid) has been expanded into multiple new traits depending on the design's context
    • Elemental (Water)
    • Supernatural (Blood)
    • Edible drinks, i.e. sodas, alcohol, etc., are covered by Anatomical (Edible) 
  • Elemental (Neon) has been expanded into multiple new traits depending on the design's context
    • Elemental (Electric)
    • Supernatural (Glow)
  • Material (Goo) has been expanded into multiple new traits depending on the design's context
    • Artificial (Slime)
    • Supernatural (Ecto)
    • Edible goop, i.e. marshmallow fluff, caramel, etc., are covered by Anatomical (Edible)
  • Anatomical (Picasso) has been renamed to Anatomical (Abstract)
  • Ethereal (Digitized) has been renamed to Artificial (Digital)
  • Material (Edible) has been recategorized to Anatomical (Edible)
  • Material (Mech) has been renamed to Artificial (Tech)
  • Horns & wings are now common (still listed on the ML)

With this, we are working on fixing all Cinnas' trait lists (as well as flavor formatting) one by one, so please be patient as we implement these changes! Alongside, please refrain from asking about outdated trait lists until after there is an announcement made about us completing this task.

All affected Cinnas will be given the Vintage Badge!

(You may submit to this prompt if you would rather receive Rarity Runes for your Vintage Badges.)

With the conclusion of this update, MYO Submissions, Design Updates, and Pound Transfers are now back open! Please look over your trait lists and make adjustments!


And those are all the updates for the month! Quite a big update for the summer!

Thank you for reading! Hope you cinnafriends enjoyed all the updates!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or any other concerns, let us know either here or in the Cinnaserver!



  • New banner by deathgrippin MidnightSky fruitofthestars 
  • End of Bunny Season
  • Cinna of the Month: "Spirit of Adventure"
  • New June prompts
  • New GAs: fluffbeak, biologyny, ophilisae
  • New PGAs: kavvee, parrotina, Miikage
  • TH page code update
  • Chaosmay rewards + Chaosi reference
  • Coffeebara gacha 6/14/24
  • Summer of Tails Contest (June 10 - July 1) with 3 winners!
  • Trait overhaul - UBs, ears, and others

🌀 Chaosmay Event - STAGE III 🌀

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💥 New Tier Announced! Mystery Prize Revealed!

The ??? prize for the 65 pieces tier has been revealed!
1x Cinnabunny MYO

NEW! 250 Piece Tier
Rewards: 1x Diamond Tail Trait , 1x Legendary Trait, 1x Rarity Rune Bundle, 1x Chaosmite Egg


This event is art based, meaning participants will need to draw pictures according to the prompts and themes given in each stage, and submit them to our special gallery for this event! There are three stages that last one week each, with prizes given out at the end. Refer to each stage chat as they appear for current prompt info.

You’ve traveled far and wide across the hot, dry, pink Salted Sea with your fellow band of Cinnas, eager to lay eyes on the mecca of Cinnvilisation, food lovers, traders, and Cinna culture for the first time.

Cyzzyrryn, The Titanic Bone City, is revered as a sacred place that was once guarded by a clan of knights spanning generations. They protected it from griefers, theives, and natural harm until making peace with the outside world and allowing it to become a center for life, trade, and spirituality. It gets its namesake from the god Cyzzyzzyphyz, as it is thought the grand structure is a fallen godpiece that fell to the earth millenia ago in a great sky battle.

You do not come here without a goal in mind, however. You and your group have come here seeking answers to clues to whispers spoken of ancient artifacts and treasure buried beneath the colossus. Seek out knowledgeable Cinnas, and find the answers!

[+] Apologies for the inconsistencies with two prominent names, these should be the final iterations [Cyzzyzzyphyz, Cyzzyrryn]

[+] Cyzzyrryn: sizz • e • rinn
[+] Cyzzyzzyphyz: sizz • izz • ih • fizz


Each stage lasts one week, all submissions count towards the goal as a group effort. Prompts for previous stages will be accepted in any stage.

STAGE I - 5/15-5/22
STAGE II - 5/23-5/30
STAGE III - 5/31-6/7


These tiers stretch the entire event and each piece submitted counts as 1. All items will be given out at the end of the event [6/7] via Cinnaverse. There is NO RUSH to fill these tiers before the end of the event. Prompts will be accepted at any stage, if you’d rather wait for different themes or return to earlier ones, thats totally fine! Pieces will be counted at the end of each stage.

  • 35 pieces [ 1x Cinna MYO[+], 1x Chaosmite Egg, 1x Rarity Rune Bundle [3 Runes], 1x Cinnapet MYO]
  • 65 pieces [1x Cinnabunny MYO, 1x Rarity Rune Bundle, 1x Chaosmite Egg, 1x Cinnabunny MYO]
  • 75 pieces [1x Cinna MYO, 3x flavor tickets, 1x Chaosmite Egg]
  • 100 pieces [1x Cinnabunny Bundle [3 MYOS], 1x Chaosmite Egg, 1x Defuncket Roll [3 Tickets]]
  • 150 pieces [1x Dragon Egg, 3x Golden Mead [Legendary Trait], 1x Chaosmite Egg]
  • 250 pieces [1x Diamond Tail Trait, 1x Legendary Trait :mead:, 1x Rarity Rune Bundle , 1x Chaosmite Egg] (NEW)

• [+] Cinna MYO is a myo slot that allows you to choose between one of the four common species [dog, cat, teacup, munchkin]

The tiers are not individual goals, every piece submitted as a collective counts towards reward tiers! You only need to participate one time to be eligible for all tiers.

Let us know if you feel these rewards are unbalanced, we’re happy to review!


  • Each stage must include a fullbody, full colored Cinna. May be yours or a friends’. We highly encourage gift art during this event!
  • No backgrounds or shading required unless specified.
  • Must be submitted to our Chaosmay Gallery to count towards tiers. Tiers will be tallied on the final day of each Stage.
  • Users may submit more than one piece. Rewards will only be granted once.




Your Cinnas make their way into the bustling world famous Grand Marketplace, which spans almost the entire titanic city. Along the pristine Skyline River that runs from the north to the south are thousands of Cinnas from all walks, food smells filling the air, and people busily exploring and working. You see vendors selling delightful food, desert clothing, tail accessories, cinnapets and their materials, and even blocks of ice said to be from the Freezerburn region.

Massive swaths of tent canvas the bones as if it were a delicate skin, protecting those within from the sun. Multicolored flags strewn like spiderwebs miles in the air, connecting to ribs and billowing in the wind. One wonders how they were placed so high. Hand carved homes and storefronts from rock and the bone city walls itself are one of the most prominent features of Cyzzyrryn, truly an oasis in the Salted Sea.  

Accepted Art Prompts [shading, multiple characters, background elements welcome but not required]

  • Draw a Cinna experiencing the grand city of Cyzzyrryn for the first time, whether its looking out at it from a vista or among its bustling market.
  • Draw a Cinna obtaining knowledge of an ancient digsite, whether from maps traded for in the shops, talking to archeologists, or getting shady tips. Feel free to create your own NPCs.
  • Draw a Chaosmite exploring the city itself or the surrounding desert, with the city skyline in view.


Our Cinnas immerse themselves in the rich and colorful city, and along its hollowed out alcoves and stands we met a few parties willing to give us access to a previously unknown and untouched artifact site. It is quite a trek outside the towering, shaded bones, and thought to be a crater where something fell to earth long ago.

It takes hours to hike to this impact site, and we set up a small camp. Striking red and pink stone and spindly dry bushes give way to a relatively small, round, dry lakebed among the flat surroundings. This must be the place. The next day will be full of exploration and discovery.

Accepted Art Prompts [shading, multiple characters, and background elements welcome, but not required]

  • Draw a Cinna or Chaosmite at the digsite excavating and studying findings [fossils, rocks, artifacts]
  • Draw a Cinna or Chaosmite camping in or around the desert crater.


Days of hard work sifting the salty sands and chipping the red stones have exposed a rich bed of whorling fossils. In particular, a massive patch of rough, rainbow patterned scales.. or feathers? Excellently preserved by the desert, it will need extensive excavation to uncover, it cant quite be discerned..

Beneath the heavy paws and tiny clawed hands of our team, a faint rumble in the earth is felt. The center of the crater erupts, as if from a great and sudden explosion. A cloud of dust engulfs the site, a vortex of salty sand being whipped around by many wings. As it clears and your eyes adjust, a sound can be heard - a terrifying roar from the sky.

A prismatic serpent had rested for a millennia, here, and our business has stirred it from its petrified state. The mission has changed, we must contain its wrath before it escapes and causes damage to the great city.

Accepted Art Prompts [shading, multiple characters, and background elements welcome, but not required]

  • Draw the unearthed serpent in all its terror and beauty
  • Draw a Cinna or Chaosmite confronting the monster
  • Draw a Cinna or Chaosmite using flavor magic and other abilities to take down the threat

🌷 May Newsletter 💐

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This month's banner was an admin collab! Totally not because we forgot to raffle again... what makes you think that... 

Wonderfly done by poejangles nerdymacandcheese Coffeebara darkvvision!

We'll start the raffle shortly for next month's banner artists! 



The MYO and rarity prompts have been updated for May! We can't wait to see what you create this month!

Next, we'd like to take a moment to re-introduce and expound upon the Monthly Theme Prompt! This art prompt allows you to design a Cinna based on a theme, which changes monthly. A winner is chosen in the next monthly update, after which that Cinna becomes official! It's another fun way to potentially get a cute Cinna for free just for being engaged with the art prompts!

(If you were a winner from a previous month and have not had your Cinna made official, let us know! Fill out this prompt on the site.) 

The winning Cinna will be crowned Cinna of the Month and go in a special public showcase! This Cinna can be drawn for the Rarity Prompt alongside the NPCs. 🌸



May is the last month for Cinnabunnies! 🥺

It's always bittersweet to see them go! Be sure to stock up on Cinnabunny MYOs and get any custom orders in before our tiny friends hop along and hide out for another year! 



For our website update this week, we have condensed a few of our defunct / obsolete items! We had multiple MYO slot items that functionally worked the same, with the exception of how they were obtained and if they were account-bound or not. The following items have all been replaced with the Universal MYO Slot item in your inventories:

- Prompt MYO

- Prompt MYO with Rare Trait

Additionally, all Dragon MYO slots are also now condensed into one item that also got a new asset: the Dragon Egg! This egg also replaced any Cinnadragon MYOs and Cinnawyvern MYOs in anyone's inventories.

<a href=

 We also updated asset arts for some that still had placeholders or that we felt could use some more visual distinction. Most notably, Vintage items are now a shiny sepia tone! 

Finally, with the combining of multiple MYO slot items, we want to announce that MYO slots and rarity runes are no longer account-bound, regardless of how they were granted initially (i.e. via the Pound)! Kenna felt the restrictions made things unnecessarily complicated at times, and we were inclined to agree! 

If you have any questions about any items listed here moving forward, feel free to ask in #ask-the-staff and we'll clarify to the best of our abilities!



We've got a few changes to the NPC line-up, so let's do a little meet and greet!

Art by nerdymacandcheese!

Welcome Cinnapedia and HAL the PAL!

"Oh dear... This all seems much more complex than my typewriter..."

Cinnapedia is an ancient, solitary wisdom deity that spends most of his time journaling and note taking. He resides in a secret library that is said to only open for only 24 hours every millennium. His library contains thousands of hidden secrets about cinnakind... too bad he doesn't have many friends. It seems like modern cinnasociety doesn't even use books anymore!

After SOMEHOW sneaking into his library, Cinnapedia took a liking to HAL. At least someone appreciates his knowledge...

"Welcome to the Cinnaverse Website! Would you like help? ^o^"

HAL the PAL (HAL for short) is the little helper that lives in the website you're on right now! He always loves to help, and she loves to help so much that it ends up crashing the website... Whoops!
HAL loves organizing and making things easier for everyone! She loves bouncing around in code making sure the website is in tip top shape!
He's close friends with Cinnapedia and very much appreciates all the knowledge he's got!

He's very much responsible for taking all those old MYOs. Thief!

Alongside this news, we are bidding farewell to Vex, our previous pound NPC. Papa Cookie will take good care of the pound in their honor!



Our lovely guest artist Ell @gelatomoon is hosting a personal gacha in two days (05/12) at 1PM PST! 

There will about 30 designs. Rolls will be $55 a piece, with payment going directly to Ell.

Expect an announcement from them in #artist-updates for more information shortly!


CHAOS-MAY EVENT 05/15 - 06/15

Get ready to don your khaki adventuring gear once again! An ancient dig site awaits you, Cinnologists, as do the Chaosi who inhabit this previously-hidden city. What fascinating artifacts might you uncover this time?

Chaos-May will be an art event with prize tiers and three phases! The event will start 05/15 (in five days!) and will take place in their own channels in our Discord server!

More detailed information on the ins-and-outs of the event will be in those channels!


Summer of tails contest (june)

We've teased it quite a few times already, so here's some more information about the upcoming Summer of Tails contest!

Your task will be to design a new Cinna tail! The shape should be unique from our current set of tails (which may require you to get creative - the world is our oyster with tail fusions!), and it should be given a neat / clear reference. The admins and community will vote for which tails we would like to add to the roster! At the end of the contest, we hope to find 3-5 new tails!

The winners of the contest will of course be compensated for their ideas! More info still to come!



  • New Banner by Admins!
  • Prompts, Monthly Theme, last month  for Cinnabunny MYOs + OA/GA customs
  • Consolidated MYO slots, no longer account-binding slots or runes, + asset art
  • New NPCs!
  • Ell Gacha (05/12)
  • ChaosMAY (05/15)
  • Summer of Tails (06/10)

🐰 Cinnabunnalia Gacha (CLOSED!) 🐰

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If you have any questions about your specific claim, please DM redcrowz or nerdymacandcheese on Discord! Mac is the primary one hosting this gacha with admin backup, so all patience is appreciated!

If you have any general questions, please ask them in ⁠#❓-ask-the-staff or contact me!

Please make sure all info put into the form is correct.

Swap channels will open after all designs have been claimed, just so you get some time to connect with your bunnies but also seek out swaps as soon as you can! So don't swap on site just yet please!

Hope you enjoy!

Form link:

🐇 April Newsletter 🐇

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Spring is in full swing! In today's update, you'll get a look at the new Cinnabunny reference guide, as well as other fun assets for the group. Additionally, our dear redcrowz has more qualtiy of life updates for us here on Lorekeeper! Finally, it's time for our annual Cinnabunnalia gacha, as well as GA + PGA term change-overs.

Let's dive in!



This month's banner comes to us courtesy of @watermelvin, fluffbeak, and narushishi ! Be sure to hype them up about their lovely contribution!



April Prompts

Prompts have been updated for this month! Have some springtime fun with your Cinnas and earn rewards.


GA + PGA updates

The new set of Guest Artists and Pound Guest Artists has been selected!
Welcome to the GA team Xenoblade , cinnapvppy , and Rocandrol !
And welcome to the PGA team steakseed , @crowbar , and @mossydeer !

With the new term of Pound Guest Artists, we also have an update regarding the Pound itself: there's been a changing of the guard! 🫡

As you may know, Hal has been stepping in to help with the Pound for quite a while. We're happy to report that Poe is back in action and will resume work with the PGAs! Buck will also be taking on the Pound, as was initially intended with his re-hiring. Please direct any and all Pound questions to Poe and Buck moving forward!

But that's not all! Applications for PGA are OPEN, and there's a brand new Google form for you to fill out!

To ease our transition, the previous PGA sign-up list is being wiped / retired. We have found that quite a few users who've applied are no longer active in the community, and as such choosing PGAs lately has been difficult. Additionally, we are dropping the number of PGAs from 4 per term to 3, so that it matches the GA term number.

If you have been waiting for your chance to be a PGA, and you applied with the previous form, do not worry. One of the questions on the new form allows you to let us know that you have applied for PGA before. Poe and Buck will use their discretion to make sure everyone who is interested gets their turn to be a PGA. We still have redesigns to do from 2022, so there are plenty of Cinnas up for redesigns! Fill out the form above, even if you've applied in the past, and secure yourself a spot to be a Cinnapound Guest Artist!


🐰 Cinnabunny Reference sheet 🐰

Take a look at the first ever official reference sheet for Cinnabunnies, the elusive sub-species that only appears during the spring!


If you didn't already know, there is an age-old question here in the Cinnaverse: what really IS a Cinnabunny?  This question kept coming up over the years, due in part to the fact that we as a community tend to refer to any Cinna with the Bunny Ears trait as a "bunny". We're here to clarify that today! 🥕

As you can see in the above guide, the Cinnabunny is its own subspecies. Where previously Cinnabunnies were thought to be exclusively quadrupedal, it seems they too have learned to walk on two legs like their Teacup and Munchkin counterparts. Visually distinct due to their short arms and big rabbit feet, Cinnabunnies very commonly have other Cinna forms which also sport their Legendary Bunny Ears.

On the other hand, the Bunny Ears trait itself may be used on any  Cinna species, and will not inherently make that Cinna a Cinnabunny. This is most evident here on the Lorekeeper, where your Cinna's Transformation Tabs will show which base species your Cinna is. If you have any questions regarding the labelling of Cinnabunnies vs. Cinnas w/ Bunny Ears here on the masterlist, let us know in #ask-the-staff.


height guide update

Some of you may remember an old sketchy height chart Kenna started a few years ago... well it's back! Still a WIP, but Kenna would like to share this "alpha version" of the height chart with you all. You'll see every subspecies of Cinna here, as well as every pet! (For now that is... wink.) These sizes are approximate for now, and of course you may use your own discretion for personal lore and whatnot. Expect an update to this reference within the month!



Trait update: 🌟conjoined

After admin discussion, we have decided to add a new Legendary trait: 🌟Conjoined.

Conjoined includes the use of extra torsos, heads, tails, arms, and legs, without the need for extra anatomical traits. (For example, rather than needing 4 rarity runes for UB: Caterpillar, UB: Double Head, UB: skyscraper, and Double Tail, you could simply use Conjoined.) This is a very powerful trait! Please utilize spoilers and site warnings where necessary.

For clarification, Double Head, the step down from 🌟Cerberus, is still a Rare trait. Double Head simply allows either two fully functioning heads or two conjoined heads. (The world is your oyster, horror fans.)


Site Updates

Hal is back at it again with some quality-of-life website updates for you all!

If your Cinna has any awards, i.e. they were part of a specific adopt event or they are IP inspired, the badge will now appear below their main ML image. 


If you for whatever reason want to trade-lock your Cinnas, meaning they cannot change hands for any reason until they are unbound, you now have the option to do so. Read Hal's notes about it by visiting the prompt here.
NOTE: Account binding will NEVER be implemented by the admin team without your explicit permission.



The wait is almost over! The Cinnabunnalia gacha, which includes adopts from all of our OAs and GAs, will be held April 20th, 2024. 

These designs will be small in size (chibi/nugget), all flavors, and all species. To keep things fresh, we are not exclusively selling seasonal/Easter themed Cinnas, so keep that in mind when buying a slot! Like the last gacha, rolls will be $55 a piece. Details on time of day, how to claim, etc. will come soon!



As we look forward into the future of Cinnas, get excited for a summer contest! Kenna wants more tails, and what he wants, he gets. 😎 Details coming later!


And that's all for today! Thank you all so much as always for participating in our awesome community! Hope you have a great day and a lovely April!


  • April Banner 🖼️
  • April Prompts 🎨
  • New GAs and PGAs + new PGA sign ups 📝
  • Cinnabunny Visual Guide 🐇
  • Height Chart Visual WIP 🚧 
  • New 🌟Conjoined trait 👯‍♂️
  • Award Showcase 🏅
  • Account-Bounding 🔏
  • Cinnabunnalia Gacha - April 20th - $55 per slot 🥕
  • Summer of Tails teaser 🎡

🐰 Spring Gacha 🐰 (CLOSED!)

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If you have any questions about your specific claim, please DM Mac, @ nerdymacandcheese! She's the primary host this gacha with admin backup, so all patience is appreciated!

If you have any general questions, please ask them in ⁠#❓-ask-the-staff or contact Mac!

Please make sure all info put into the form is correct.


Swap channels will open after all designs have been claimed, just so you get some time to connect with your bunnies but also seek out swaps as soon as you can! So don't swap on site just yet please!

Hope you enjoy!

Form link:

☘️ March Newsletter ☘️

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Happy March, Cinnapeeps! The time has come once again for Cinnabunnies to hop their way into your hearts!

Alongside bunny details, we have some more updates that we hope find you well.



This month's banner was drawn by poejangles and Coffeebara ! These Cinnafriends have found an ivy-covered gateway to a magical world! What will they discover?

March Banner

CinnabunnY MYOs now in the shop!

It's time! From now until the end of May, Cinnabunny MYO slots will be available for purchase in the shop!

(As an added note: if you were previously experiencing issues buying from the cash shop, you should be good to go now! More site updates from Hal in a later segment.)

March Prompts

Prompts have been updated for the month! Check 'em out and get yourself some items! 

bunny gachaS

March 21st we will host an admin-exclusive bunny gacha! These designs will be small in size (chibi/nugget), all flavors, and all species. If you're chomping at the bit to get some admin designed bunnies this March, this is the event for you! Expect rolls to be $55 a piece. 

But that's not all!

April 20th is our annual Cinnabunnalia gacha, and for this batch we've invited our awesome team of guest artists to participate as well! Same parameters as the March gacha, with all flavors, all species, and $55 per roll. To keep things fresh, we are not exclusively selling seasonal/Easter themed Cinnas, so keep that in mind when buying a slot!


Site updates

Some site updates thanks to our lovely redcrowz ! These were already posted in #!-artist-updates in the Discord, but we are re-posting them with the monthly newsletter for optimal visibility! :cinheart:

You can now search by Flavor!


As a note, this custom code searches all  traits that have "Extra Info" text.  (Ex. If you search "Cow", you will get any flavor that has Cow in the text, but you may also get Cinnas with the Cloven trait, if they've specified that the Cinna is a cow. Moo!)

You can also now search by IP Inspiration! This is visible in the Advanced Search Options.


There are now Submission Checklists that help you double check your work! 



And finally, there is a line clarifying additional images for Cinnas in MYO submissions + Design Updates!


Hope you guys find these updates useful! As always, feel free to leave feedback if you have more ideas for the site. ♥


We are now a community server!

We have used the last two weeks to beta test some Community Server features. We're here to let you know what all will be implemented moving forward in the Cinnaverse Discord!

Announcement Channels

These are special channels that enable you to broadcast messages beyond your server. Users can “Follow” your announcement channels and receive those updates directly to their own servers.

Explicit Media Content Filter

This is a mandatory safety feature from Discord and may label some non-explicit images "Explicit Media" at times, unfortunately. (We apologize for the inconvenience!) Here are methods to circumvent the non-explicit filter on your images:

  • Put a background on your image
  • Adding a black line on top of your image
  • Color shift your image
  • Cropping the image
  • Attach a link of the image to your message

Forum Channels

We have decided to implement forum channels for the sake of organization and prevent overposting in order to keep individual posts on topic! In other words, they're optimized thread-only channels that can be easily searched and organized that reduces clutter and overposting! They are incorporated with required tags that can be easily searched. 

We have decided to convert the following channels to forum channels below:

  • ❓-ask-the-staff: Create a post each time you have a question!
  • ⭐-feedback-and-suggestions: Create a post for each time you have feedback or a suggestion!
  • ⛅-helpful-advice: Create a post for each time you are seeking advice or help!
  • 🎨-commission-ads: Create a post for your weekly commission listing!
  • 💸-trading-center: Create a post for your weekly trade listing!
  • 💕-requests: Create a post anytime you want to take requests!
  • A dedicated swap channel whenever an event warrants a swap period!

Post guidelines and rules are written and pinned within their respective channels.


Thank you all again for reading, and we hope you enjoy this update!


  • New Banner ☘️
  • Cinnabunny MYOs in Shops 🐇
  • March 21st - Admin Bunny Gacha - $55 per roll 🥕
  •  April 20th - Cinnabunnalia - $55 per roll 🐰
  • Search Flavors + IP Inspirations on website 🔍
  • Submission checklists on website ✔️
  • Clarification on MYO submissions + Design Updates 📋
  • Community Server Updates 🗨️

❤️ February Newsletter ❤️

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Hello Cinnafriends! Love is in the air, so we have this lovely string of news for you all! Hope this news finds you well!


This lovely new banner was made by Macross , Keithernet , and SpaceOreos ! With this month of love, show them yours! Per usual, look out for your chance to design our next banner!


Cinnatines Exchange

This year we are hosting a Cinnatines Gift Art Exchange to express love and appreciation for our community, as well as celebrating the month of February!

❣️ If you would like to participate this year, please be sure to read the rules before submitting a form!

❣️ The rules will be pinned in the announcements and the event channels so it can not be overlooked!

❣️ Please make sure you have the time to finish this piece before the deadline! If you are unsure on if you will be able to finish on time then we suggest to skip on this one !

We wish everyone a pleasant February or Holiday and happy drawing everyone! ✨

Submit to this form!

CYzz event WRAP up

Thank you guys for a wonderful event and drawing such amazing pieces! Here's a showcase of some of our favorites!

Check out the rest of the submissions here!

Look at this DOOOD! [CYZZ PH1] Mountain Shrine Offerings Under Moonlight

eye of cyzz Reading to Cyzz! Dear, Sweet Lord

TItan Cinnapets

We would like to officially introduce this simple guide for Titan Cinnapets. These are Cinnapets who have been altered due to a massive amount of magical sugar influence!

Titans can be loosely interpreted and submitted to the Masterlist in this form.

Read more about these Cinnapets here. Expect more info about these Titans in the days to come!  


New Prompts for this month are Live! Check them out in ⁠🌱-prompts and on our site!

Guest Artists + pound gas

After our term break, Guest Artists are back! 

Please welcome happy-meal , BADMIRACLE , and DizzyPossum as our Guest Artists until April!

In addition to regular Guest Artist positions, the Cinnaverse Pound resumes this month, which means more opportunities for community designs!

Welcome Sneaky-bean , winterbunz , MidnightSky , Dragonstars as our Pound Guest Artists until April!

We can't wait to see what you all create!

Anatomy Help Guide

Recent Discord feedback let us know that a more extensive anatomy guide was in order, so here it is!
Coffeebara goes into detail about some common errors we've been seeing, with visuals as well as written commentary.

Check it out here!

We also want to apologize if you feel that your submissions are suddenly facing more criticism than usual. As admin staff, we want to uphold the species' core anatomy in ALL official masterlist images, but we do acknowledge that Cinnas have slipped by in the past due to miscommunication / misunderstanding. Please know that we are in no way trying to target specific users or art styles when we send submissions back for corrections. Thank you all for understanding. <3

Redesign Guide

nerdymacandcheese and darkvvision have made a redesign guide!

This first image shows examples of redesigns that are acceptable without a redesign ticket.

The Glocks above represent the following minor / acceptable redesigns:
- Changing tail type
- Adding simple markings
- Changing accessory / UB colors
- Hue shifting within the same overall color (in this example it's yellow-green <-- green --> blue-green)

All of these changes still maintain a visual resemblance to the original.


This second image shows examples of redesigns that are NOT acceptable without a redesign ticket, or in more extreme cases not acceptable at all:

- Changed theme; design strays a bit too far from the original (becomes mech - needs a ticket)
- Adding markings in contrasting / drastically different colors (may need a ticket based on how much they resemble the OG Cinna)
- Hue shifts to other colors, i.e. blue or red from the OG green (use a Magic Food Dye for this!) 
- Wildly different design, does not keep original theme, shares no resemblance at all (unacceptable)

These changes may not maintain a visual resemblance to the original, but they also may. Anything more drastic than just a little touch-up goes here. 

If you guys are interested in a stretched out guide not unlike the one for anatomy, let us know!

New official bases

GreaserDemon has made official Free to Use (F2U) bases for Bipedal Teacups, Bipedal Munchkins, and Chaosmites!


p.png?ex=65dd2315&is=65caae15&hm=0d5e4ff0d774821b27857deddde5111ae597a64cc6d043eb1bccfa40f3c69b1f& p.png?ex=65dd2315&is=65caae15&hm=e531aa0a971a2bf0d4469b7d516a7ed23d38026b6d7a8b8fbc93fe527da82f1c&

Private Suggestions and Feedback

We have heard the recent desire for anonymous feedback. Due to past experience, we do not have plans to open a new anonymous feedback survey anytime soon. Instead, we want to offer a compromise: if you would like to give private feedback, where the community as a whole will not know you sent it, you may now message the Cinnaverse Official Discord account! It will be checked periodically and any one of our staff members will get back to you.

Thank you all for your time and patience, we can't wait to see what you have in store this year!


  • New Banner 🌸
  • Cinnatines Exchange 💝
  • Cyzz Wrap-Up and Showcase 🖼️ 
  • Titan Cinnapets ✨
  • New Prompts 📜
  • New Guest Artists and Pound Guest Artists 🎨
  • Anatomy Help Guide ℹ️
  • Redesign Guide 🔄
  • New Official Bases for Bipedal Teacups, Bipedal Munchkins, and Chaosmites ⚾
  • Use the Cinnaverse Discord for private suggestions and feedback 💬