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Spiritually Connected

Every Cinna has the natural ability to shift between different species forms of themselves. They retain their traits and colors across each variant, and this is due to a Cinna's open mind and connection to the originator entity, Cyzzyzzyphos.
Cursed and Forbidden flavors are thought to be outside of the influence of Cyzz, and the result is a lack of spiritual connection and the "curse" of not being able to shapeshift. This can be solved with completion of a ritual.

This innate ability to shapeshift is not to be confused with the Wereform rare trait, which allows a Cinna to transform into another species with a different design, and possibly different flavor.
​Different forms of your Cinna may require a MYO slot to be approved, or you must order a design from an Official Artist.


Otherwordly Influences

Before a Cinna is born, it is susceptible to the influence of entities across the alignment spectrum. These forces determine the flavor of a Cinna, and other aspects later in life. Cinnas may display magical abilities that are not inherently rare via birth or teaching.

According to historic texts, savory Cinnas are associated with the influence of trickster gods, despite the lack of evidence. This idea comes from a very early era, when savory flavors were exceedingly rare among the public, and many Cinnas believed the originator to be the creator of only sweet flavors [known now as Common flavors].

Around the same time, cursed and forbidden flavors were also extremely rare. If one had become known to the public, they may have been associated with everything from trickster deities to negative chaotic aligned forces, which is still widely believed today.

Cyzzyzzyphos The Infinite

THE ORIGINATOR [siz - ziz - eye - fose]
What is known of the Cyzz is recounted from Cinnas having connected with the being through intense meditation, dreams, or recollections from the formally cursed, through ascension rituals.
It is described as a titanic, immeasurable serpent, or wormlike creature that resides in the heavens. Its body seems to split off into infinite whorls and shapes the size of skyscrapers. It is said to have extremely soft fur, front arms with paws, and a face that changes. Cinnas having been in the presence of Cyzz recall an overwhelming smell of cinnamon and icing, so pleasurable to the senses that may cause a Cinna to lose focus.

Legend says that once, in some place and time, the Cyzz was injured in a clash of titans. A fragment had fallen to the earth thousands of years ago. In its place, a massive snakelike ribcage of many miles in size rests, guarded by knights said to be so close to the being, that they themselves are ancient and undying. They allow no pieces to be removed and studied, as they are sacred.

All Cinna species were once born of Cyzzyzzyphos, and thus have an inherent connection to the being that may or may not be inhibited by a cursed or forbidden flavor. When a Cinna is influenced by entities that block this spiritual connection, it cuts off a Cinna from its natural ability to shapeshift. The reasons this happens is unknown, as the motives of these entities cannot possibly be understood.
Religion with Cyzz at the focus has existed for many generations, and no Cinna has ever seen them physically. It is highly debated whether the titanic skeletal remains guarded by dedicated knights is truly a fragment of Cyzz, but cursed Cinnas who acquire a piece of bone through sketchy means may tell you otherwise.

This ancient runic language was said to be first spoken by the earth, the gods, and the flavors of all things. From its letters and stories, Cinnas tails began to grow in their shape. This can be downloaded as a text file below! 

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Cinna Runes

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