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Cinnas come in many flavors, influenced by forces before a Cinna is born. These flavors determine various anatomical traits of each species including their colors, markings, smell, and general appearance. Each Cinna is born with a flavor, and can only be without a flavor if they have been Voided.
All flavors may be used for customs and MYOS. Savory and Unusual flavors are only available by using an Unusual Flavor Ticket for MYOs.


Traits related to the ears.


Undoubtedly the most prominent feature of Cinnas are their hulking tails. Due to the dense muscle and bone within, they are very rigid and cannot unroll, and they can only minimally wag. Cinnas are born with nubby tails in most cases, that grow into their shape a bit after they are born.
Just like who its attached to, every tail is unique - and displays a lot of personality. The tail is a one-of-a-kind grand backdrop that follows a Cinna everywhere, and is a great tool for presentation.

Tails can be fusions of each other, resulting in tons of possible combinations - each may or may not have its own unofficial name for brevity. A fusion tail can be any two common tails, any two rare tails, or a fusion of a common and a rare tail. Fusion tails are becoming increasingly common and more exciting as Cinnas continue to experiment and document all possible combinations.
Any rare tail and fusions involving a rare tail / rare tails only need one Rarity Rune unless fusing a Double Tail with a rare tail (including fusions.) Two Rarity Runes are required to have a rare Double Tail.
If you have yet to see a fusion depicted, consult the Masterlist, or contact darkvvision.

Here are all non-fusion tails of each rarity!
Fusion Rarity Guide
Common x Common tail = Common
Common x Rare tail = Rare
Rare x Rare tail = Rare
Retired x Common/Rare = Rare
Legendary x Common/Rare = Legendary

Wild Face

Traits that alter the face of a Cinna.

Unusual Body

Unusual Bodies can be described as anything other than flesh and fur on a Cinna. They each cost a trait individually despite being under one category. Some UBs may function similar to others, this is okay.


Other Cinna traits that do not fit into the other categories.

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